Sunday, February 22, 2009

The move has begun!

Sunday, we took our first two loads over to the rental. We're just putting stuff in the garage for right now because the carpets are going to get cleaned on Wednesday. (According to the girls at my friend Jackie's baby shower, he's quite the hottie and watching him is considered high entertainment! LOL!)

Once he's done and the carpets are dry I'm going to move my scrap stuff over. I want to do it myself because I just don't think my SIL's get it and I know the men don't! LOL! Besides, it doesn't really fit very well in boxes and it's just going back in the cubes. If I pull out the drawers, I can carry the cubes one at a time quite easily. It's the bigger pieces that I'll need to wait for help with.

Andrew's taking Friday off to get started with the big stuff. One of our nephews (Hi, Kevin!) may be able to help him during the day.

Oh, and I have a monster cold. Just what I needed. I'm feeling much better today than I was yesterday. I'd actually accomplished more today by about 11:00 than I did all day yesterday!

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