Monday, March 30, 2009

Staying put today...

...because Little Man has a monster cold.

We had a family/maternity shoot yesterday and it was fun but cold. I met a really cool gal on 2Peas and since she lives in the next town over (well, from Canby anyway) she volunteered to take some belly shots for us. I can't wait to get some to show you. She e-mailed me a few low res ones just to give me a sneak peek and there are some really cute ones in there!

The only downside to yesterday (besides the cold) was that Mickey had started coughing on Saturday and if a certain deadline wasn't totally creeping up on us, I would have postponed the shoot. Now little dude has a full on cold, runny nose, cough and everything. He still is happy and playing though so I'm not too concerned. He is very snuggly though and I'm hoping that either I don't get his cold at all or I get it right away and get over it before the baby comes. Labor with a cold just doesn't sound like a good time at all! LOL!

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