Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last time it was paint...

This time, while Audrey and I were napping and Andrew was golfing, Mickey got into chocolate syrup. All over the couch, the carpet and the rug. The baby and I sacked out at 4ish and Andrew came home at 6:45 and saw Mickey with what looked like a bruise on his head...then he realized that it was chocolate syrup and it was everywhere. He said that he asked Mickey what happened and Mickey burst into tears. Little dude knew he was busted. I woke up at 7:15 to find Andrew in the living room telling me that I didn't want to see it. Oh, was he right! I helped clean for a minute or two but then Audrey woke up and needed feeding. I realized then that Andrew had cleaned for about a half an hour by himself and let me sleep through it all. What a good man I have! Love you, babe! :D

So now, I either have to put Mickey in his room if I want to take a nap or find some way to keep him out of the pantry. He may start going after the fridge, so I'll have to tie that thing shut as well. At least he'll stay in his room if I put him in there but the downside is that he won't be quiet and will probably keep me up and may wake up Audrey. At least it's not an everyday worry. Normally I sleep during his nap but today he napped in the car since we took stuff to the storage unit in Canby. If we still lived in Canby, I could just have my mom or dad come over and play with the little dude. Sigh. Yet another reason I miss being home.

I miss you, Canby!

I love you, Andrew! are a little booger but I love you, too!

Audrey, I'm so glad you aren't getting into stuff...yet.


Kay said...

Giiirrrllll! One word for ya...IKEA! They have a ton of tot lock things that are way cheap but keep little boys from getting into things they shouldn't. The fridge one is a must have here. Before we got it Simon ate a nearly new Costco size bag of string cheese. You would think that would put him off the stuff but not my little cheese head! *sigh* Man that was a long few days of waiting on #2!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

ohmygoodness. GoodLuck keeping him outta stuff!!

Becky said...

that reminded me of that commercial where kids were squirting chocolate syrup all over everything. Sorry, but that was too funny. What a good husband you have to clean that up for you!!