Saturday, May 9, 2009

A baby, four cards, a layout

Here's little Audrey today. :D She's hanging out on the floor after some good tummy time. I got her this cool Boppy toy and it's fantastic! (And, it's pink!)
Now for the cards. These next two are for a mini challenge at The Scrapbook Nook. It was to make two "mini" cards. This first one is 4"x3", pretty darn small.

The inside. I lined the bottom so that the scallops on the outside would show up more. And, I couldn't leave that plain so I scalloped it too!
Now this second card is really teeny. It's only 2"!

And the inside. These next two cards are for tomorrow. This first one is for my Granny. I'm giving her the one with the photo on it so she can take it to coffee and show her friends her great-grandchildren. She likes stuff like that and we love her for it! :)

This card is for my mom. Now, it looks rather plain but we've been talking about cards with rounded corners and I really wanted to give her a card with rounded edges.

And for the layout. This was for another mini challenge over at the Nook. It was to do a layout about yourself and to post it on the board by noon today. Unfortunately, I (and a few other ladies) misread the pm as am and thought I had until tonight to do it. I posted it this afternoon anyways and am still glad I did the layout because I never do layouts about me.
Anyway, it's called the ABC's of Me and the journaling around the edges is 26 little tidbits about me, one for each letter of the alphabet. It's loosly based on a note I posted on Facebook. :D

I'm really liking it at the Nook and I'm loving this challenge! I've already kind of made a friend and I've gotten a lot of scrappin' done! Double bonus!

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Love that journaling!!!!