Friday, May 1, 2009

Mickey loves Audrey!

Yep, he thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread! He's always asking to "Hold it?". He calls her it. Heh. He also likes to pet her head and call her a "Good boy!". And, if you try to tell him that she's a girl, he says boy!!! Poor little girl. If she's crying, which doesn't happen too often, he says "Baby cry" in such a sad little voice. It's adorable.

He is also very interested in the breastfeeding process. We call it the "mama's milk" so that he doesn't mistake it for the milk he drinks. I had a few nightmares of him wanting to try nursing so I differentiated the two for him right away. Lately, he's started saying that he wants to feed the baby and then pulling up his shirt. So stinkin' cute! He did it when my dad was over and I think it kind of freaked him out. Hee-hee. Different generations!


Marilyn said...

Aaaaaawe, that is too cute! How sweet though! He is such a sweet boy, and they look so cute together!

Crystalyn said...

Oh she is growing so fast!! So cute!!!

krumeluran said...

naaaww what a cutie :)and such beautiful pictures

thanks a bunch for the nice comment you left on my blog :)