Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Scrappy Fun and Conversations with Mickey

First up, a layout using the colors from this fabric.

I used not only the color inspiration but also the pattern! This photo is Granny, Mom, me and Audrey on Mother's Day. Four generations of women. :)

This was for a shaped layout challenge. I bought Mickey some little seeds at Target and we are growing tomatoes and strawberries.

Finally, a card challenge. We had to make a card using two patterned papers and at least one ribbon and one flower.

Now for some funnies from Little Man.

While parking at Costco:
"Mama back-a up?"
"Yep, Mama is parking the truck."
"Good job, Mama!"
This morning after throwing up all morning:
"I go outside!"
"No, Mickey. You are sick. Remember stuff coming out of your mouth?" (His words for throwing up.)
"I not sick." Nice try, kiddo.

Last night at dinner, completely out of nowhere:
"Nice day, Dada? Nice day, Mama?"
"Yes, Mickey, it is a nice day."


Linda said...

I absolutely looove the flower pot layout - that is soo creative and supercool!

Rach H said...

The flower pot layout is the COOLEST! Could you post a tutorial?!

hippy_chick said...

The flower pot is definatly impressive!!!

Emmy said...

wow! really like the flowerpot!

zαnуα ♥ said...

Love that flowerpot!

NICOLE said...

cute flower pot!

deiha said...

great work on the challenges

Suz said...

Awesome projects. I love the flower pot layout -- so very creative.

Krista Hanna said...

very neat work!

Mardi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Holy moly girl, you've got talent!!! Love your layoutsw!