Monday, June 15, 2009

Randomness on a Monday

Well, I didn't win, place or show but I am getting a consolation prize from Cosmo Cricket!!! This totally rocks as they are currently one of my favorite companies. :D I also got something else really cool out of this contest, besides me time and getting a lot of scrapping done. But, you'll have to wait until next month to find out what that something cool is!

So I didn't win at the Nook but I did win a free class over at Get It Scrapped! I entered a little random drawing on Torm's blog and found out this morning that I won! Whoo-hoo! Totally needed that. The class starts today and I can't wait to dive in as I've never taken an online class before. Should be a blast!

Audrey didn't make it as long as she did last night but still slept a respectable seven solid hours! Too bad I didn't get to bed until two hours after she did. Oh, well. We'll try again tonight!

The reason I didn't get to sleep is because Andrew is getting house antsy again. Our landlords put the house we are living in on the market last weekend and they put a sign up in the yard yesterday. So now Andrew wants to go look at a house that we didn't like enough to look at six months ago. Sigh. The thought of buying a house we don't love or even really like makes me lose sleep. Keep your fingers crossed for me that a great house for us shows up soon! :D

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Sarah said...

The right house for y'all has got to be out there! But, boy don't I understand where you're coming from. We found out this weekend that our landlords are putting the house we're in on the market as well (for an insane price that they'll never get) and are looking around again. The prospect of moving, finding the right neighborhood, etc, is just so icky... I can only imagine how much worse it is with a couple of kiddos.