Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Four Months!!!

Yep, my baby turned four months old today. Wow, it's going by sooooo fast. And, she's growing and changing so much. She really, really, really wants to crawl and schooches (my new word) across the floor. She makes it four feet or so and then runs into something and starts crying/whining/talking. It's pretty humorous. I've got to get Andrew to bring home the point and shoot so I can get video of it.

She's still a great baby. Wakes with a smile and does almost everything else with a smile, too! Including spit up! I've started calling her Pukey McPukerton because she does it so much lately! I think she's making up for the first few weeks of her life when she only spit up once or twice a week.

She takes a little while to get used to new people and won't do it at all if she's in a crowded or noisy situation. She gets all upset and starts crying and finally gets handed back to me. She'll yell at me for a few seconds to let me know how ticked she was and then boom! back to normal. She also doesn't like strong perfumes/colognes and if you're wearing them while holding her...look out!

The funny thing is, if the person she won't let hold her, puts her on the floor and just makes faces at her and talks to her, she's fine. She'll coo and babble and smile for all she's worth. She's just such a happy girl and so much fun to be around.

She's truly brought happiness and joy to my heart. :)


Rachel said...

Erica, She is just to cute!

Stacey Michaud said...

She is just precious!

Shermin said...

That is an awesome photograph! How sweet and precious does she look? :)