Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Escaped the Heat!

After two days of 100+ heat and only the barest hint of coolness from a tiny A/C unit, I finally had enough. I am a true, blue (or is that green?) Oregonian and I'm just not that fond of the heat. So, I packed up the babies and off we headed to the Oregon coast. Oh, the bliss of 63 degree weather!!! :D

First stop, Lincoln City and the outlet mall! I drug the kids all over the mall and while we did get some good deals for Mickey and a couple for Audrey, it wasn't exactly the most picturesque stop on our journey. I tried to find a cute sundress for the wedding we went to yesterday but found nothing. Oh, and the colors in Old Navy and the Gap right now are hideous!!! I didn't like the 80's the first time around and I'm soooo not thrilled that they are back! LOL!

Mickey was at the end of his rope, patience-wise so we trecked on down the coast to Depot Bay. We found a great parking spot, I popped Audrey in the Snugli and off we went. First we walked to the bay to see the boats. Mickey was a little spooked as to how high we were so we didn't stop to take pics. Then, under the bridge and to the whale watching center. That was pretty cool. We found a cool vantage point for some pics and then went in the center itself. Mickey found a button to push that lit up a whale skeleton, a puzzle, and...a kid! LOL! Man, that boy of mine is a social butterfly.
We heard that there was a whale just off the coast so we headed out with the crowd to check it out. I finally saw it spout and breach a few times but Mickey just didn't have the patience. Fortunately, I got a few shots so he was able to see it later.

After that, we walked the strip of shops that line the highway and did all the things I wanted to do as a kid. :D We had ice cream (Tillamook chocolate chip cookie dough), watched salt water taffy being made, and bought some for Mickey's Hawaiian cousins to take home. We also sampled a little of it ourselves. Mickey is not a fan. :) Then we found a couple of machines to smash pennies and bought some caramel corn. Mickey is a fan of caramel corn!

All in all, it was a great trip! My sanity was helped by the cool temps, Audrey loved all the time in the Snugli, and Mickey had a lot of fun. I love the coast!

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Sarah said...

If you want to fight the re-emergence of the 80s, you're going to have to start making your own clothes. It's out of control! I can't find anything.

You were smart to escape the heat--all week I kept dreaming of the coast!