Monday, August 24, 2009

We're Moving!

Today!!! Our loan funds this morning but we've already gotten the keys from the sellers and even taken a load over in our trucks. I got antsy while we were waiting for some family to stop by the new place so I zipped over to the storage unit in town and brought back a load from there, too! LOL!

Plans for today!

~Call utilities and get them switched to our name. (This may or may not include internet service, so I might not be back for a while unless I post from my mom's.)

~Load up my truck.

~Call my nephew Kevin and have him come over and load up his vehicle.

~Head to Canby and unload

~Head to storage unit and load up both vehicles as well as my dad and my brother, Cody's.

~Unload at the house

~Repeat until storage unit is empty! :)

~2:00 go to the fairgrounds and pick up my photos and layouts. Ask about the picture of Norman. (I think it might be going to the State Fair!!!)

~2:30 take Audrey to her 4 month check up

~Head back to Silverton and pack more stuff up

~3:00 Andrew gets off work and will pick up a trailer from the realtor

~4:00 load up trailer, unload in Canby

~repeat until we're too tired or it's too late in the day

It's almost eight now so I've got to go! It's gonna be a busy day! :D

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Sarah said...

Congratulations! And good luck on a crazy, crazy day!