Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things to Do, Things to Do

Lots of things to do around here. Kind of par for the course after you move though, isn't it? :)

Things to do today
~spackle in the scrap room did some this morning but need to pull out some screws so I can finish Done!
~move the furniture in Mickey's room so I can paint the last wall Done
~paint the last wall in Mickey's room ~Green part ~Blue part Done
~take random stuff out to shop Done!
~move the closet stuff out of the scrap room (well, at least the stuff that's not too heavy for me)
~wash Audrey's size 6 month and 6-9 month clothing
~pack up her 3-6 month clothing
~hang/put away her 6 & 6-9
~clean the litter box Done!
~pick up cat food and my watch at Fred Meyer Done!
~try to decide where to hang pictures, etc. hoping my SIL will drop by today, she's better at decorating than I am
~paint the scrap room I bought the paint yesterday
~e-mail some friends Done!

This full to do list is because I've got a very full first few days of October.

The 1st is Devo's 13th B-day. Devo is our Whippet and he may be getting old but he still looks like a young pup.

The 2nd is my BIL Todd's birthday.

The 3rd is my SIL Chrissy's birthday and my 15 year class reunion.

Audrey turns 6 months old on the 4th and I'm having a friend from high school over who won't be able to make the reunion on the 3rd. Oh, and I'm having my first Sunday night dinner on the 4th to celebrate my SIL and my birthdays.

Because...my birthday is on the 5th. I'll be 33. :D And, I have a doctor's appointment that afternoon to get a mole and a weird growth looked at. Not the kind of thing I really want to do on my birthday but it's got to be done.

Since I've got all this going on and two events at my house, I'm really trying to get this place together. The two worst offenders in my house are the boxes of decor/piles of pictures in the living room and the humongous pile of craft/scrap filled boxes that were in my scrap room and now reside in a corner of the master bedroom.

Yesterday, I finished painting two of the walls in Mickey's room. There's only three that need painting due to his wall of closet. LOL! It was a lavender color and now it looks like this!

Actually, the green has another coat and looks much better. I also have some grey and some yellow paint because next week I'm going to paint a road on it! Mickey's going to love it and have a blast driving his cars on his wall. :D

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