Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kathy, John and Karly came over late this afternoon to see Mickey and Audrey and give little man some Halloween candy. After that, we finished dressing the kids in their costumes and I had a little mini photo shoot with them. Much better results than the pumpkin patch. LOL! Mickey was a farmer and Audrey was his cow. We lit our jack-o-lantern, set out our Halloween goodies (Play-doh) for any trick or treaters we may get and hit the road.

First stop, Brian and his family. No dice as they weren't home. Probably a good thing as I found out Ellie has the flu. So, off to my dad's. Mickey rang the bell but didn't quite get the whole say "Trick or Treat" thing. We hung out a while and then went to Andrew's folks. Mickey loves their cats. He was more interested in them than the candy which is saying something as Mickey ate both of the pieces of candy that Dad gave him at Dad's house. Nothing like leaving a TOT stop with no candy. Heh!

Next we drove to Mom and Larry's. They had cards and goodies for both kids. I had the brilliant idea to leave Andrew with Larry so they could watch the games (U of O football and the World Series) and Mom could go with me and the kids to Granny's. Granny was really glad to see us and she had goodies and cards for the kids, too. She also had a laundry basket for me that belonged to Grandpa Jack's mom and a cool old chair for me to put in my scrap room. :)

We headed back to Mom's and they gave Andrew and I the rest of their candy. (They only had four trick or treaters.) We left and when we got home we found out that nine of the Play-doh containers were gone. So, either we had nine kids stop by or maybe three came and took three each. Either way, I'm thrilled that kids stopped! :D

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!

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