Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Decorations

We had a John Deere themed birthday party for Mickey yesterday. It went fabulously! It started at three and we still had a few stragglers at 7:00!

Here are some pics of the decor. This will most likely be the only time you'll see my house decked out in green and yellow! LOL!

Granny thought I couldn't see her behind the window. LOL!
My niece Brianna wrote on the windows for me. My handwriting is not so hot.
The John Deere logo on a sign saying Mickey is Three!!!
Yellow and green chips and dips and some John Deere fruit snacks in a John Deere tractor.
The green and yellow sweets on our new buffet. We had green and yellow candies...
farm animals on "grassy" cupcakes and ...

green and yellow gummy worms crawling out of dirt cupcakes! They were my favorite.

Next up: The Party!

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