Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Songs I Sing to the Kiddos

These are the songs that I sing to my kids. I made up the lyrics but I'm pretty sure I jacked at least some of the tunes from somewhere. I haven't a clue where though. :D I wanted to get them on "paper" though so I don't forget them.

This one is Audrey's bath song. :)

It's bath time, it's splash time,
for little miss Audrey Rose.
It's bath time, it's splash time,
We're gonna wash you from your head to your toes!

This is one I used to sing for Mickey when he was a baby.

Who's got the Mickey?
Mama's got the Mickey.
Mama's got her Mitchell Jack.

And a version for Audrey.

Who's got the Audrey?
Mama's got the Audrey.
Mama's got her Audrey Rose.

This is a before bedtime song that I've sung for both kids.

Let's put your p.j.'s on,
'cause it's time for bed.
Let's put your p.j.'s on,
and rest your sleepy head.
And you'll sleep all through the night.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
And you'll sleep all through the night.

(This song worked better for Mickey as Audrey is a little less consistent on sleeping all through the night. LOL!)

Anybody else make up songs for their kiddos?

Or am I the only one who can't remember the words to traditional songs. Heh!


Sarah said...

My husband has a whole repertoire of songs he's made up that he sings to the dog... Is that kind of the same thing?

Kara said...

I love them! Good idea to write them down. I need to do that too. (I feel a scrapbook page coming on! :)

Lydia said...

We do clean up songs around here, lots of them LOL. Great songs they would make excellent instant journalling for a page!