Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Santa Visit

I'm very last minute this year but I'm getting it done and that's all that matters! LOL!

We went to see Santa today at the Woodburn Outlet Mall. Mickey didn't want to sit on Santa's lap so we pulled up a little red to chair for him to sit on. He wasn't going for that either. So, Andrew sat on the chair and Mickey on his lap. I had Andrew lean back and it almost looks like Mickey's sitting on Santa's lap with his sister. ;)

Aud had no problem with Santa. She gave him a bit of a look but once Mickey was near, she was golden.

Here they are. Andrew is trying to talk Mickey into giving Santa a "fist bump".

And, the money shot. Well, as good as it gets with a three year old and eight month old. They are both looking at the camera. Heh!

Mickey did overcome his shyness enough to tell Santa that he wanted a bulldozer. Fortunately, Santa kind of already knew this so he'll be good to go tomorrow morning. ;)

Tonight we're off to Andrew's dad's side of the family to have dinner. We're bringing desserts!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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