Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Man Randoms

~Mickey "reads" stories and each page of every story he reads begins, "One day...". It's ridiculously adorable!

~He is pretty well potty trained now. No accidents lately and he just needs a little help sometimes. Most of the time he can handle it all by himself. He hasn't gone without telling us though. I'm looking forward to the first time I hear the toilet flush, the water run and then see him come out all by himself!

~He got grounded from the TV for a week for drawing on our comforter with a marker. I'm pretty sure it was and accident that he got it on the comforter but we'd already talked about him not touching the markers and he said he wouldn't. So, one week without TV. Well, the week's over and I'm not ready for him to start in on the tube again. Andrew and I have discussed it and he's going to be allowed one show a day and he can come in the living room with us if we are watching something. (When he was grounded he had to leave the room if we wanted to watch something.)

~This last week his behavior has improved. He was getting quite mouthy and I was beginning to think that the terrible two's we avoided were coming back to bite us as terrible three's. I'm blaming Spongebob and it's on the list of cartoon's he can't watch.

~We saw a Santa walking home from his shift tonight and Mickey was super excited. "It's MY Santa" he kept saying. :) He wanted us to turn around because "I should go say Hi!". LOL! I told him Santa was working. That all the houses with chimneys (like ours) were fine and that's how he would come in on Christmas Eve. But, he needs to visit the houses with out chimneys ahead of time to do Santa magic and give them a magic chimney that will show up on Christmas Eve. :)
~He's wearing size 4/4T clothes and size 10 shoes.
~He gives kisses "on the mouth" and holds your face in his hands to line you up just right. It's very sweet.
~He is one darn good kid and we are so very lucky to have him.


Sarah said...

I am so shocked that your child is mouthy. (Yes, I am being sarcastic...);-)

Chrispea said...

That's so cute.