Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Girl Randoms

~She is really attached to me. This was one of the few pictures I took where she isn't crawling straight towards me.

~She loves her some solid foods. This also includes dog food. Sigh.

~She cruises along the couch and coffe table.

~She stands for 6-8 seconds at a time...unsupported!

~She likes to give me kisses. Big, drooly, open mouth kisses.

~She thinks her daddy is pretty darn cool. She'll stop what she's doing and just grin at him.

~She adores her big brother.

~She is so mellow and easy going. She will only cry if she's hungry or if she's tired. She will stop crying if you pick her up. Sometimes she'll even stop crying if you look at her and smile. Baby Girl is all about the eye contact.

~She has a few different crawling speeds.

Slow-she takes her time, crawls a few steps and then stops and sits up, crawls a few steps and then stops and sits up again.

Fast-she crawls nonstop down the hall, baby girl is on a mission.

Super fast baby warp speed-this happens when she is in fast crawling mode and sees me at the other end of the hall. You can hear her little hands slapping on the carpet, her little panting breath and the tracks she leaves in the carpet and then bam! she's there.

~She has the world's most kissable cheeks. I can't help but kiss them and smoosh them. Super cute!

~She giggles when I kiss her upper lip. She also giggles when I say "booger, booger".

~She makes this weird "ack-ack-ack" sound. Kind of like a machine gun. We have no idea where she came up with it but it's hysterical. I like to tell her that if she keeps that up she'll sound like a two pack a day smoker by the time she's three!

~The way her little face lights up when she sees me, melts my heart. Every time. I love my baby girl.

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Chrispea said...

Aww, she's adorable. Great photo!!