Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday...

...has been called on account of sickness. Seriously. Mickey, Audrey and I all have monster colds. It started a few hours after our final Christmas event, we had six of them! I started getting a sore throat that evening after the kids were in bed and woke up many times in the night. Audrey woke up with a green "mustache" and then the next day, Mickey joined in.

Since whatever I take ends up in Audrey, I've been limited to a little bit of Tylenol and some throat drops. Not cough drops, not lozenges, throat drops. They are basically candy with pectin. Heh. So, to aleviate the throat, I'm eating a lot more. And, on top of all our Christmas events, it's just not going to be pretty so I'm not setting foot on that scale.

Stress is bad for a cold, right? ;)

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