Saturday, January 23, 2010

And to your right as you walk in...

Hee! I couldn't think of a title for my scrap room posts so I'm just going to start in on them and take you around the room. :)

This shelving units is one of the original ones that were in the closet when we bought the house. I moved it next to the door and it's my gift wrap area and misc crafts/kid crafts area.

On top of the shelf and the highest shelf are the craft supplies for kids. I didn't want them to be able to get them down on their own so up they went.

The next shelf has some of my random crafts. Clay beading, painting, regular beading, felt stuff, and my Spirograph. (Yeah, I'm old school!) Oh, and my hot glue gun!

The bottom five shelves are all gift wrapping supplies. Bags, boxes, scissors, tape, bag filler, curly ribbon...all the good stuff! There's a tiny little one inch high shelf that has my huge pack of white tissue paper from Costco. I love that shelf! It's the perfect place for one of the things I use a lot when wrapping yet never have had a great place for. Sigh. :) A few of the containers in this section need replacing/repainting/decorating to match the room scheme but they work for now!

Oh! I almost forgot! The basket with the green lining is my gift basket. It holds all the gifts I have for people so I don't forget where they are when the time comes. It's a life saver!

To the left of the unit is a box with my rolls of wrapping paper. It's the perfect size because it's one of the boxes that Hallmark uses to ship their paper to their stores. I got it when I worked there. If you don't have anything you like for your wrapping paper, just drop into your local Hallmark, they will most likely be glad to save one of those boxes for you! :)

The shopping bag next to the gift wrap has a lot of large empty bags. I know, it sounds silly, but they are big enough for 12x12 paper and so I use them for layouts in progress, kit bags, and stuff like that. It's not a permanent solution for storing them but it works for now.

Uhg, and now for one of my not so favorite areas of my scrap room. This little corner needs some help! LOL!

The big containers have alterable items and schtuff in them. Behind them is my flat stuff. My white foam board for taking pics of layouts, my extra desk calendars for protecting my work surface and my large framed cork board that I can use as a work surface if I take my scrap project into another room.

Well, that's this section of my scrap room! Next up, the wall that borders Mickey's closet! :D


Becky said...

Your scrap room is looking great! I can't get over how big your kids are getting! Will I see you at CKC Portland?

ellen s. said...

love love the color
of your room!

Scoobie said...

Love the colors in you room!

And congrats on your new DT spot!

Christina Rogers said...

your scrap room is dreamy...sigh!

Rachel said...

It looks great! TFS