Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365 and Project 12!!!

First off, two more days of P365.

January 3rd~Andrew took down the Christmas lights and Mickey got some more outside time on his "dump". I finally got all our Christmas boxes put back in the shop.

January 4th~Today we had the septic tank pumped. We didn't get the news we wanted as we may have to spend thousands to replace it. Mickey did love watching the big truck, though!

Now, onto Project 12! Davinie Fiero along with Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine are challenging people to create a layout each month documenting that month. They have also provided a sketch by the fabulous Becky Fleck to use if you'd like. Here is the post on Dav's blog detailing the info on the first month's challenge. And, here is SCT's post on Project 12.

This is my title page!

I think that this challenge along with P365 will really go hand in hand for me. I'll get a lot of the day to day stuff recorded and then once a month I'll be able to sit down and scrap the fun highlights of that month.


Kay said...

Yikes sorry about the tank. That bites. Will your ins at least cover some of it?

The Project 12 sounds really cool. I like that blog too. Thanks for the heads up.

I wanted to do the 365 thing but I'm just not able to get into it right now. So far I only got 1 day in. :(

Chrispea said...

Hey Erica! Happy New Year. Love your photos so far. I'm sort of doing the photo a day thing again this year, but some days I just can't even get out of bed, so I'm just doing what I can. I picked up my camera yesterday for the first time since Christmas and it felt great. Once I get better, I'll be more consistent.