Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 365 Update

January 17th~Mickey, Audrey and I all went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy fabric to make napkins. Andrew was at his folks helping them with their septic issue.
January 18th~At the store I picked up some of my favorite holiday candies, the conversation hearts from Necco. Well, they changed them and they are awful! I can only hope that they change them back next year!

January 19th~We've had a few dry, warm days lately so Mickey was able to go outside today. Audrey watched him the whole time he was out there. I think she's going to love it as much as he does.

January 20th~This is going to be a common sight around here for the next few months. We're having issues with our well and so I've stocked our garage fridge with drinking water.

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