Friday, January 29, 2010

Project 365 Update

Whoops! Haven't posted these in a few days. Brace yourselves, folks! It's a long one!
January 21st~Today I found out that I made the A Walk Down Memory Lane Design Team. I was so excited, I called Andrew, Mom and Granny and squealed their ears off!

January 22nd~We took Granny to Costco with us today. Mickey was adamant that he ride in her cart. They had a great time hitting all the freebie snacks!

January 23rd~Mickey is really into doing things himself lately. I've found that the more he gets to do on his own, the more likely we are to have a smooth day. He also likes helping me around the house.
January 24th~Another example of doing it himself. He's not quite as good at spreading peanut butter as he is at putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. Since he'd spread PB on both sides, I decided that it was high time he have his first PB&H. Peanut butter and honey! He loved it! January 25th~Our first outdoor walk of the year! We only made it down to the animals and back because Mickey got thirsty. Next time we'll bring water and he'll be able to go the whole length of our road!
January 26th~Mickey and Audrey love playing together. Especially in Mickey's room. They actually play really well together. Mickey likes to close the door so she's "safe". It's very sweet.
January 27th~Dad came over for a haircut and to visit. He took Mickey went outside to feed the goat and then they walked down to the creek. When Mickey got back he was so excited! They'd seen raccoon tracks!
January 28th~Granny came over for crochet day and Audrey was playing peek-a-boo with her at the end of the couch. Aud's not actually tall enough to see over the arm but she was standing on the walker so she could see. It was so cute!
January 29th~Dad got me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas and the books I ordered arrived today. The Pioneer Woman Cooks is one of those cookbooks that you can actually sit down and read. Learning more about PSE7 is my goal for February and I've heard this book by Scott Kelby is awesome!

January 30th~These two cute boys spent last night in Devo's kennel. Some kind folks found them on the highway and, living in town, didn't have a place to keep them overnight. We volunteered and took them to the vet in the morning. Their owner was very glad to get them back.

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Stacy said...

Great pictures!!! Congrats on the Design Team girly :)