Friday, February 12, 2010

14 Reasons I Love Scrapbooking

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's my list of 14 reasons why I love scrapbooking.

14. It's fun!
13. I've met a ton of wonderful women!
12. It's a fantastic reason to take more pictures!
11. Can you say shopping?
10. I don't have to worry if that patterned paper comes in my size. ;)
9. My little man thinks I'm cool when I scrap.
8. It gives my creativity an outlet.
7. I have a stash of supplies for almost any craft my kids want to do.
6. I can commit to paper all those cute little things about my kids that I might not remember.
5. I can document my grandmother and her love of my kids so that when she's gone, they will still remember her.
4. I can make meaningful gifts for my friends and family.
3. It helps me focus on the good things in life and serves as a reminder when things aren't always going as smoothly as they could.
2. I can totally give into my anal organizing desires and ROYGBIV everything in my scrap room!

And the number one reason...

1. Those two smiling faces up in my blog header.


Chrispea said...

Yep, I agree!! Love the shopping, creating, cutting, gluing... all that fun stuff. Congrats on the layout in the A Walk Down Memory Lane newsletter!! Woot!!

Luv2talk said...

Hey, great idea for a page. I just might steal this one. Thanks for the inspiration!