Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CKC-Portland, the Saturday Edition

Ok, now for Saturday's events!

Saturday, I left the kids home with Andrew so I could take some classes.

My first class was called Tool Time and Maren Benedict from Paper Crafts was the teacher. She was very nice and it was a fun class. The class was about using the Epic Six with dies and embossing folders to make projects. I don't have the Epic 6 but I do have the Revolution and I wanted to be inspired to use it more. This class totally did it for me! (The next three photos are all class samples, I finished my projects later and haven't shot them yet. )

The first thing we made was a cute layout. I got my pieces embossed and cut and we also did a bit of piercing on one of the squares. I wound up using some wedding photos and the same title they did and finished the layout on Thursday with my friend Jackie. Yeah, baby! Now I've got two wedding layouts done! LOL!

Next up, a card! We used quite a bit of Coredinations cardstock and did a lot of sanding it. We also cut felt with our QK die but it didn't work so well. It cut a bit of it but we had to go back and cut the rest with our scissors. I did take off the foam from my die and it worked better but still not fabulous. I assembled this card at home, too.

And, finally this super cute little tag! Now, we couldn't make this tag using the negative space of our cut butterfly because the die that QK donated to the class had two butterflies on it. So, we cut another butterfly out of the dotted paper and mounted it on the aqua cardstock. I changed mine a bit from the sample idea and I like it a lot more. When I get a few more CK projects done, I'll post them for you all. Oh, and I won a door prize! It's a Paper Crafts card magazine.

Well, this class got me all in the mood for taking classes so I called Jackie and signed up for the next class she was taking! LOL! It was the Latest and Greatest with Basic Grey. I've taken this class before and always enjoyed it. This time was no different. Shelby from Embellish It was the teacher and she did a great job. This year, she spoke a bit about the layout we were working on, giving us a few helpful hints, and then let us work on it. While we were working, she walked around and answered questions and such. I work well this way and enjoyed it.

Here's my cute friend, Jackie and her mother-in-law, Marilyn. How cool would it be to have a MIL who scrapped?!? Jackie's husband, Eric, works with Andrew and she and Eric have a little boy named Blake who is 13 minutes younger than Audrey! Oh, and we were renting their house from them when the babies were born. Yep, that pretty much makes us family. LOL!

Speaking of Audrey, Andrew brought the kids up about lunch time so I could feed Audrey. He drove from Canby to downtown Portland and didn't complain once! (OK, maybe once or twice, ha!) Thanks, honey!

Now, this next class, I'd been looking forward to and when I found out who was going to be teaching it, I was even more excited. It's called Masking and Misting and is sponsored by Studio Calico. The teacher was Davinie Fiero. Yep, of the Studio Calico design team and the Pink Paislee design team. Pink Paislee, people!!! Isn't she a cutie? I was seriously loving her hair. The color was fabulous!

Here she is teaching with a working projector. This was her second CKC class ever but since the first one that day didn't have a working projector, it kind of was her first time teaching it properly. The projects were awesome and since I read her blog, I was clued in to bring some photos and was able to get quite a bit done in class.
The two layouts I made are almost completed, they both just need journaling. Story of my life it seems! Oh, and the sample layout below is about three of your favorite things and I brought three photos with favorites from my wedding so when I get it done, that will be three wedding layouts! Whoo-hoo!

The layouts were all done using Maya Mists and we got quite a lot of product from Studio Calico including a really cute stamp set. Oh, and a coupon good for $10.00 off our next purchase from Studio Calico. Super fun class! There were some awesome door prizes in this class but, alas, I didn't win one. :)

The last two classes I took were Slice 101 and Slice Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Since I have the Slice and was hardly using it, I figured that these classes could get me going on it. Marianne from Making Memories was the teacher for both classes and she was such a sweetie!

Here she is reading off someone's name for a doorprize. Not my name that time but I did win some Animal Crackers Ella stuff. Very good prize for me as that is the line I'm using for Aud. Oh, and in each class we got a pink Slice apron and at the end of class a Seasons Slice card. It's exclusive to the classes they teach but I think it has images from other cards on it, no new images. I gave my extra card to my mom. I figured it was the least I could do as she bought me my Slice! LOL! In class we didn't do any assembling of projects. They just wanted us to get familiar with the Slice so all we did was cut and emboss. Perfect for me. The first class we made (well, cut) four cards and the last class we worked on a layout. I learned quite a bit in both classes and not just ideas on what to make with the Slice but tips on how to use it. That was exactly what I needed. A very worthwhile class.

Here's one side of the layout from the second class. See that cute bird on a branch? It's on the Vintage Findings design card and now...I must own it! Hee!

All in all, they were wonderful classes and I enjoyed each and every one. I've got a lot of projects now to work on when Mr. Mojo decides to leave the premisis and I shopped a lot! :)

Oh, and since I was about to leave on Saturday and realized that I hadn't gotten a single picture of myself, I stopped a fellow scrapper and begged her to take my picture. Thank you, whoever you are! :D


joscelyne cutchens said...

how fun, i wish i coulda been there with you. we had fun together in seattle that time. ps. to cut felt, sandwich it, paper, felt, paper and then die cut it. works better that way. or use a sizzix. ha. that works best.

Jackie said...

Nice picture! :) I should've taken a picture of you in the Basic Grey class!!

Davinie Fiero said...

Well that's not a good photo of me, lol. heeee. Thank you so much for being such a great person to have in class!
Do let me know when you go to Sunriver! My friends from home were sitting behind you, Marci and Danika, and I would love to scrapbook with you all sometime!
(P.S. I got into the Olive Garden with a 20 minute wait. We were there at 4:45, lol. Popular place)