Friday, March 5, 2010

11 Months and a Challenge!

Miss Thing turned 11 months old yesterday. It is seriously starting to freak me out now. It's going by so fast.

She has her first word now, "Hi!". She has said mama and dada before but has only repeated it to us, she hasn't used it on her own or in context. On Tuesday, she started using "hi" when I'd walk into her room to get her after naps or when Andrew would get her out of her car seat when they got to the store. It's pretty awesome! She also doesn't just flatly say hi, it's more of a lilting sing-song sort of thing. Really cute!

She stands up in the middle of the room and will take anywhere from 3-6 steps on her own. She still prefers crawling as she is a ridiculously fast crawler. She thuds down the hall like an elephant on it's way to a two ton pile of peanuts.

Okay, enough about Baby Girl, I've got some scrappiness for you! I posted my first challenge for the A Walk Down Memory Lane crop on the DT Blog and in the forums. It's called the Ultimate 80's Girl.

The ultimate 80's girl always had perfectly poofed mall bangs, a rockin' side pony tail and color coordinated stacked socks to go with her every outfit.

Here's your challenge: Create a project with ruffles (mall bangs), layers (stacked socks) and is asymetrical (side pony). You can make anything, card, tag, layout, minibook whatever your Brat Pack worshipping heart desires as long as it has the above three elements.

Here's my take on the Ultimate 80's girl!

I'm, like, totally excited to see what you create!

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Kay said...

So is it okay to join in the crop late? Like say on Sunday night? I'm totally swamped until then. I'm ready to jump back into my scrapping/crafting and would love to find a MB home. Think I'll check out yours. :)