Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Craft Room! (The far wall)

So, I've decided I really need to get on the ball and finish showing you my craft room.

Mainly, because I just added a new piece to it so now all the info you see (well not all) is out of date. LOL!

So this is the far wall. It's what I face when I'm scrappin' away in my little haven. The smaller wood bookcase has all my magazines and books, along with a few canvas pieces on the bottom three shelves. The top two shelves contain ephemera, memorabila and some inspiration stuff. That section is really not so pretty to look at and needs some purging and some pretty containers. But, as I am hoping that this piece isn't permanent, that will have to wait.

The larger white shelf is original to the scrap room (aka, former master closet) and is actually in the same place as it was for the previous owners. This fact drives the hubby nuts as he removed the shelf, I painted every wall, he fixed the gap in the moulding left by the piece and then had to remove that piece of moulding to put the shelf right back where it had been. Oops, sorry honey! :D

So, the bottom three shelves on this bad boy contain all my sewing stuff. Sewing machine, crochet stuff, cross stitch stuff, fabric and notions all live here. The next two shelves are all of my printed photos. The very top shelf has my DMC floss in gingerbread jars and four little boxes of random scrappy stuff.

On top of both shelving units are some more gingerbread jars with my foam stamps in them. The jars are actually from my wedding. We had a "candy bar" with light green and white candies. I loved that even though I didn't get to eat that much candy that day. ;)

On the floor to the left of my shelves is an old laundry basket that used to belong to my great-grandmother. It has more fabric and a bag of batting. My good old (emphasis on old) ironing board hangs on the wall above it. I have a love/hate relationship with that ironing board. I love it because it's old and a hand-me-down and I love the cute Martha Stewart cover I put on it. I hate it because I cannot iron for beans!!! Seriously, I ironed a t-shirt for ten minutes and the second I put it on the hanger, wrinkle city!! My husband, he's a pro. He can iron anything. I swear he thinks I only pretend to not be able to iron so he'll do it for me but, honestly, I just suck at it!

Now this lovely little table is for sewing and guests. It's just a cheapo folding table and a lonesome little chair. The four white boxes between it and the wall contain mini albums, bulky alphabets, more mini albums and alphabet stamp sets. This is the area that got a new piece recently and not the one I had originally planned.

Okay, so that's all for now. I promise I'll try to get the rest of this up sooner than later. I'm also planning a post that tells you what my plans were/how they changed/what they are now. :)

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Kay said...

You are so right! That chair looks very lonely. I think it needs my ample booty to keep it company. ;) lol