Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Craft Room: The Window Wall

See, I told you I'd post more soon! I actually wrote this bad boy right after yesterday's post and scheduled it for this morning. :) I wasn't actually up at 6:00 am! Well, I might have been but I was feeding the baby and then going straight back to sleep. LOL!

Okay, so now we are onto the window wall.
This area right here is number one on my list to revamp. The kitchen cart has my stash of Thickers in that little aqua basket on the bottom. The rest of it is my TV and videos. I gotta watch something while I'm scrappin'! The paper boxes to the left have my Stampin' Up! stamp sets in them. They need purging and Craig's Listing something fierce! The white IKEA cardboard drawers have projects in each drawer. Oh, and a drawer for duplicates for giveaways. :)
The little chest to the left of that has my wood mounted non-SU stamps and the clear stamp pad holders above it are from either Staples or Office Max/Depot's clearance area years ago!

Now this is one of my favorite pieces! It was $25.00 at a garage sale and I didn't change a thing about it. It was already black with those cute knobs! :) The drawers are about 5" high by 7" wide by 14" deep. Perfect for scrapbooking stuff! The bottom four drawers have punches, the top two left side ones have my bind-it-all stuff, and the top three right drawers have my QK stuff. There are two drawers with buttons, one with glitter, and the other two have embellishments from Basic Grey in one and American Crafts/7 Gypsies/My Mind's Eye in the other.
On top of it are more QK dies and a cute photo holder from Making Memories that I got at Target on clearance. It's actually only got the one photo in it right now! LOL!

Ugh! This is one of those ugly little corners that I don't know what to do with. My Sizzlets live here. I don't have a Sizzix or even a Cuttlebug to use them with but I had to get the darn things anyways. I paid between 6 and 10 bucks each for them! I'm thinking I may be able to use them with my Revolution if I use one of the skinnier mats instead of the cutting mat. My aqua Bind It All bag lives on top of them. It's so pretty that I overlook the fact that I never put my Bind It All in it! Heh!
You can also kind of see a black organizer up against the wall. It's one of those yucky colored ones in the hardware section. I painted it black and now it's much nicer. I actually have a home in mind for it, unlike those darn Sizzlet alphas! Right in front of that is my Revolution in it's cute little case. Still working on a permanet place for him, too. :D
Okay, that's it for now! One more section left and then the planning post!
Thanks for staying with me, folks! :D

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Staci said...

Wow, your room looks fantastic! it's so neat and organized!! Would you like to come help me with mine, please? lol