Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Living Room

I realized when I posted yesterday about Aud's new chair, that I never showed you all my new living room decor!

Here's the room before. These first pics are at Mickey's birthday party last October. But, you can pretty much see the beat up couch, garage sale coffee table and so-so rug. What you can't see is the cat scratches on the right side of the couch and the impossible to get off butterflies and flowers painted in lurid pink and green on the coffee table. (Hey, it was $4.00!)

And, the far wall with it's tealish forest green accent wall and mismatched chairs on either side of the table. The wall color didn't go with anything else in the room and it was so dark that it made our longish living room look very long and very narrow.

Now for the after! :)
We found the couch on Valentine's Day and Andrew was cool with the apple green color of the pillows which I wanted to go with that awesome rug. I'd been coveting that bad boy on Craig's List for a while. So, we picked up the couch on Sunday and on Monday, my mom and I drove down to Salem and bought the rug. Oh, and Mom talked me into buying the ottoman instead of repainting the coffee table and I'm so glad I did it!

And, here's the other end of the room. Andrew went to an overnight convention for work and while he was away, I painted the wall a color called Hen House and bought the wing back chairs off of, you guessed it, Craig's List! I'd seriously wanted them for months! I also took the casters off the lawyers case on the right which lowered it enough to allow me to move the stereo off the table. Devo's dog bed is under the table and I did buy some brown fleece to make him a new, coordinating blanket. ;) I also need to find some apple green candles for the mantle and hang a few more things on the wall but I've got time.
So much better, don't you think?

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