Friday, April 23, 2010

I Wish Every Day Was Like Today

This morning we had our walk with a friend and we saw a plane take off right next to us. Then, my dad came over and he and Mickey played outside and Mickey ate fresh spinach from our garden like he'd never eaten before. :)

After Aud woke up and ate lunch, we headed out garage sale-ing and scored big at a church rummage sale. I got nine vintage kids chairs, two vintage suitcases, a chalkboard and two paper bags full of misc craft stuff, fabric and a large George Foreman. (I've been wanting a bigger one forever!) All this goodness wound up costing me a whopping $10.00!

We hit McD's for a potty break and picked up some water, apples and a fruit and yogurt parfait (I adore those things!) and headed to the playground. Mickey had a blast with all the random kids and Audrey just loved being able to wander around to her hearts content. She also swang in a baby swing for the first time and loved it! She even figured out how to swing herself! After awhile, she signed "done" and was ready to roam around again.

We headed home and Mom stopped in to oooh and aaaah over my score, especially my four yards of aqua cordouroy. I know, aqua! I'm totally using it to cover my chair cushions in my scrap room.

Now Aud's having a late second nap and we're waiting for Andrew to get back from fishing.

The only bad part about today? I left my camera at home! (I did get pics of Little Man with the spinach though.)

I hope your day was fantastic, too!

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