Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Weekend in Sunriver and Some Fun With Tape!

Hey, all! I'm back! I know, you missed me terribly huh? ;)

I left Friday morning to have a three day scrapbooking weekend in Sunriver all by myself. I'd actually hoped some scrappy girlfriends could go with but with the short notice, it was me, myself and I. Fortunately, the three of us get along and as a SAHM of two little ones, I reveled in the me time.
Now, you may be thinking that with all that time, I got a ton done. You'd kinda be wrong. LOL! I am a slow scrapper even though I'm a simple one and I only got four layouts and four cards made. :)

The really funny thing is the amount of schtuff I brought with me to make those four layouts and four cards. Hee! Check it out!

(This is just the scrap stuff I brought. I had a whole 'nother bag for clothes/camera/DVD's/computer. Yeah, I'm an over-packer!)

I also brought a cooler along and stopped at the Winco in Salem to fill up that bad boy. When I came out, these two were chilling underneath my truck. Of course, I hadn't brought my camera into Winco so I had to scramble and dig it out of the truck and only got these two waddling away but, how cute are they?

Once I finally got to Sunriver (it takes a while when you have to stop and shop every once in a while) I unloaded all that stuff and got set up in the living room.
And, here's my set up. I love to scrap on the floor, I know, I'm weird, so I dug out one of the folding tables and just laid it on the floor as my work surface. Then, I just had all my goodies within arm's reach. It worked out really well. :)

Now, I wasn't alone the whole time. Saturday, I had some visitors.

There were three of these guys and I was able to sneak out on the back deck and get some pictures of them.

Finally, here's one of the layouts I made. It's some pictures from Thanksgiving at our house and the domino game that inevitably occurs at any Hettwer family function.
(Patterned Paper-Pink Paislee, Chipboard Letters-Pink Paislee, Chipboard-Pink Paislee, Artisian Tape-Pink Paislee, Brads-Pink Paislee, Alpha Stickers-Pink Paislee, Punches-Marvy Uchida)
I have a bunch of those Pink Paislee Artisian tapes and while I adore them , I hadn't actually used them yet. Ooops! So, I made sure to bring, and use, them! I used the black and white polka dot tape because it was the most like dominos.
This first flower is made simply by layering strips of tape over cardstock and punching it out with a scallop punch. Then I layered a couple chipboard leaves under it and put a asterik from a glitter chipboard alpha set on top.
This is the same technique using a simple circle punch and poking a brad through it. I also grabbed a couple swirls from that same glitter, chipboard alpha.
For this flower, I cut three strips of 5" tape, looped them, stacked them, poked a hole in them and then popped a brad through the hole. I then adhered the whole shebang to the leaf stem.
I've got more goodies to share with you but it will have to wait a bit. I can't share two of the layouts or two of the cards just yet but I will as soon as I can.
Thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...

What a fab layout & I love all the different ways you used the tape :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

yay for you Erica! :) That sounds like so much fun... but I have to say, the amount of stuff you packed reminds me of why I usually scrap at home. Too many options, and I will usually end up wanting the one option I forgot to bring! BUT if you come for a crop at my house, I have what you need ;) though sorry, no ducks or deer here ;)
also, is that tape paper? I thought it was more fabric like book binder tape? am i wrong?

Chris Hertel said...

Your layout turned out fab!! I'm going on vacation and decided to take some scrappy stuff, but whoa! I was planning on only one box!!

SadeRa盈君iford0412 said...

Look before you leap.............................................................

SadeRa盈君iford0412 said...


~jan said...

Love the flower you made out of the tape! Im a slow scrapper too so I was impressed at how much you got done! :)

Tanya Tahir said...

Love that layout and the way you used the tape! How fun to be able to go away and scrap without any interruptions! Great pics too ;)