Saturday, September 4, 2010

At 17 Months

Audrey is 17 months old today and we love her more than ever!

She says, Mom (not Mama), Dada, Bickey (Mickey), Aw-Gee (Audrey), Baby, Apple, Ball, Doggie, Book, Choo-choo, Voof (woof), Wee (Please), Dank You (thank you), Up, Look, Hi, Kah-ker (cracker), Bop (Bah-bon, my mom), Papa (Papa Maow, my dad), Add-ih (Addison), Luh-ler (Color, when she wants to color), Blankie, Poop, No (nose), No (No), Arm, Shoe and Shoes.

She can point to her eye, her mouth, her nose (well, she sticks her finger up there), her hair, her feet and her belly.

She signs, Eat, Bye-bye (opens & closes her hand with her palm facing up)

She loves her books and sleeps with one during nap time and at night. She still takes a nap at about 10:30 for 2-3 hours and if it's been a hard day she may sleep for another hour or so later in the afternoon. Her bedtime is eight and she wakes up around 5:30-6:00, we go in and snuggle/retuck her and she sleeps about another hour.

She eats like a champ. There's not much she doesn't like but she particularly likes ham, cheese, Goldfish crackers, Graham crackers, grapes, cucumbers, and olives. She can use her fork pretty well but doesn't all the time yet.

She's a lover. She gives kisses and can make the perfect smooch sound. She loves to give hugs and she'll wrap her arms around my neck and play with my hair as I carry her around.

She's very active. She runs around the house with Mickey and loves to get outside as much as she can. Unfortunately, we don't have a fenced backyard so she doesn't get free rein outside like her big brother. She will hold my hand while she walks now (she wouldn't before) and she loves to tackle her big brother with hugs.

She and Mickey play really well together. I come across them hanging out doing the same thing all the time. They do fight a little but it's pretty easy to stop and they really enjoy each other.

She is a tomboy fashionista. When she's outside, she's pouring dirt/sand/rocks over her hair and when she's inside, she's taking clothes out of the laundry basket to "wear" as shawls.

She is everything I've ever wanted in a daughter and more. I am so lucky to have Miss Audrey Rose in my life.

Love you, Baby Girl!


Christina Rogers said...

awwwww! that is really sweet!

malwa said...

She's adorable!