Thursday, September 16, 2010

He's Officially a Preschooler!!!

Little Man had his first day of preschool on Tuesday. I didn't get very many pics at drop off and none at pick up but we did have a good first day of school photo shoot out front. :D

We got there a few minutes before it started and while he was a little nervous walking in and getting his name tag, once we walked over to the train table room he was ready to go.

He's one of the older kids in his class (he missed the cutoff for the 4 year old class by a month or two) and he is by far the tallest.
I tried to get him to wave at me as I left and he was waaaaay more interested in playing. :D This kid is a social butterfly and has been dying to go to school since he was old enough to start saying school bus.

I was a little blue when I left but right after we got home, I put Miss Thing down for her nap and then I had two glorious hours to myself! In the middle of the day!! I could scrap/clean/sleep without anyone bugging me!!! (I chose to scrap, big shock there! Heh!)

I'm thinking I need to make a schedule for this new found free time or I may end up puttering around and not taking full advantage of it. ;)

Miss Thing woke up about 10-15 minutes before we had to go pick him up. We zipped on over to the preschool (it's super close and if it wasn't for the unsafeness of the country road it's on, we'd probably walk!) and stood in line downstairs to pick him up.

He got to make another spinner plate (he made two at the open house) and he got a little school house that said he'd had a great day.

His report about his day isn't terribly understandable. We had to prompt him a bit and ask a ton of questions. He said that he played outside, played with the train table, had juice and a pink & black thing for a snack (????), they sang a song(s) and learned about the color red. One thing that was most definately clear, is that he had a blast!

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