Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Toots and...Some Sheep???

Well, first up my biggest toot is that I got another card picked up by Paper Crafts magazine!!! (I don't think I told you guys this but I got one picked up a while ago for their Nov/Dec issue.) I'm so excited!!! I was afraid that the first one was just a fluke. LOL!

Now for something a little less exciting but still really fun for me. I like to participate in the one-hour challenges over at Club CK when I can. You have one hour to complete a layout based on a challenge and be entered in a random drawing. If you can't complete it in time, there's a second deadline and a second random drawing. But, with the little ones and just life in general, I've only done two.

This is the second one I did.

I didn't get it done in the allotted hour but made the second deadline and...I just found out that I got picked in the second drawing. Whee!!!

It's especially sweet because the CKMB was my first scrappy forum and I've never won a single CK contest. This is my first one. Yay!!! :)

And now, for something truly random, I bring you sheep!

These half a dozen lovely ladies decided to ditch their own fields and come check out their neighbors...namely, us!

I was getting ready to take a shower when I saw a sheep walk past our master slider. I grabbed some clothes and my camera and got some shots of these gals on our patio. LOL!
I did shoo them off the patio because they were eating my flowers and plants and I was a little worried that they might get sick. Mickey went out in the lawn and was trying to play with them. Too funny!
We finally got ahold of their owners and they actually went back home before their owner got back. They took advantage of a dried out creek to sneak under their fence and back.
Gotta love livin' in the country! :D

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Stacy said...

Great fun!! Congrats on your card :)