Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our October was insane!!! We've got a bunch of b-day's, a super fun Holiday, a bunch of preschool stuff for Mickey, Dr appointments for the kids, dentist appointment for me and just, well, life!

Anyway, I've got a bunch of catching up to do.

Here's a quick run down.

10/1 through 10/3-I was in Sunriver for a girls scrappin' weekend!
10/4-Audrey turned 18 months.
10/5-I turned 34.
10/8-Babysat my friend's daughter, Mara, while her normal sitter recovered from surgery.
10/9-Bingo b-day party for BIL (say that five times fast!)
10/10-Kids have their check ups at the doc.
10/15-My dad's b-day (which reminds me, he was gone hunting so all we did was call him, going to have to have a little celebration for that soon!) and we watched Mara.
10/21-Mickey turns 4! (We have snack duty at preschool.)
10/22-We watch Mara.
10/23-Mickey's birthday party!
10/25-Dentist for me. Blech!
10/28-Mickey's preschool Halloween party (thank goodness we live close because I didn't realize it was a costume party!!!) and we watched Mara while her folks packed for their big move.
10/30-We watch Mara while the move occurs!
10/31-We dress up the kids and they trick or treat family in the morning. After dinner, we visit some neighbors and then I take Mickey into town for some real trick or treating!

Intermixed with all that is pre-party house cleaning, getting stuff for the party, making invites, decorating for Mickey's b-day, then decorating for Halloween. Oh, and of course the normal cooking, cleaning, shopping and playing with the kiddos. Speaking of shopping, remind me to tell you all about the nutty couponing I've been doing. It takes a bit of time but saves us soooooo much! (Mickey & I stopped at Rite Aid after trick or treating and bought six boxes of Raisin Bran, four boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats and two Hershey bars{stockpile for next summer's smores} and I paid $11.28 and got $10 in up rewards to spend on my next trip. Suh-weet!)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to November and getting all caught up! Hopefully, this will include pics from our nutty October!

How was your October?

edited to add: Did I mention that Mickey pulled the blinds down on his head and we had to have a trip to Urgent Care to get the wound glued shut? Yeah, that was fun. Right before his birthday. On a Tuesday so I couldn't leave Audrey at home because Andrew had bowling league. Oh, and then he needed a follow up on that Friday, when we really needed to be cleaning for the party. That would be why I was baking cupcakes at eleven at night. Heh!

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