Friday, December 24, 2010

December Daily-Christmas Eve!!!

Today was wonderful! I got to sleep in (thanks, hon!) then Andrew and Mickey headed out to Fred Meyer to get my stocking stuffers. Hee!

Andrew and I cleaned up and prepared everything for dinner. We had ham, peas, biscuits, baby red potatoes, and salad. Then, we opened presents.

The kiddos went nuts! Mickey, especially loved opening presents. He helped everyone!

Audrey figured out real quickly that the best way to get her presents opened (when her brother wasn't helping her) was to take them over to her grandpa and say "help" and then follow it up with a sweet little "peas". Worked every time! ;)

Mickey opened a present from his Uncle Cody and got super excited telling us how much he loved it. In the next breath, he asked, "What is it?". LOL!!!

Mickey got a Spiderman Toy, a heros coloring book with some game/learning cards, and a set of cars from the movie Cars from his Uncle Cody. He got a dog Pillow Pet, a Berenstain Bears book and a Percy train set from his Papa Maow(grandpa).

Audrey got a Tinkerbell sleeping bag, a Little Monster book and a unicorn Pillow Pet from Papa Maow. She got two coloring books with crayons, a toy camera and a My Pal Violet toy from her Uncle Cody. (Gotta get this info down somewhere so we can get thank yous done!)

Mickey and Aud also got new p.j.'s to wear tonight!

I've got to get to bed at a decent hour tonight, so I won't be adding pics to this post until tomorrow night. We have to be at my Mom's at 10:00 am and before we leave here we have to open stockings, open family presents, cut up fruit for the fruit platter, load up presents and get everyone ready!

I hope you had a great Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas! :)

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