Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily: Day 1

Today, we made a Christmas craft! I found this cute little project over at Davinie Fiero's blog and figured it would be perfect!

I traced both their hands and one foot onto cardstock and they were actually pretty good about holding still. Audrey, especially! I remember that when I made my Grow Little Ones layout (see below) that I had to resort to tricks to get an accurate representation of Aud's hand.

We played a "game" where we slapped our hands on an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper and when she got the hang of it, I took a picture. Then I cropped the sheet in the picture to 8 1/2" x 11" and printed it out. Then, I cut her hand out of that and traced that onto cardstock.

This time she just held still. Well, for the most part. Heh! When I cut out the kid's hands and foot outlines, I made sure to keep it all one continuous cut. This way, I can recreate their reindeer and put them on a layout. Their current reindeer are hanging proudly in their rooms and will remain there as part of their Christmas decorations.

Cute, aren't they? :) I pretty much glued down Aud's for her but Mickey glued his down and chose a green nose instead of a red one. He also wanted his reindeer to have blue eyes like his sister and insisted that her reindeer have blue eyes as well.

So, that's Day One of my December Daily album. I've printed out both pics at about 3x2 and I'll be putting them in this album.

It's a Maya Road album that's about 7" x 5" and I'm only going to do one side of a page per day, except Christmas. I've added some pages to it so that their will be enough to go through the 31st. I'll share how I did that in a later post.

Are you doing a December Daily album? How's it going?


Davinie Fiero said...

They are at a great age for the reindeer! I made Paytons 2 years ago and it's almost painful to walk by those teeny little parts. They grow so fast! Now make some more and send them to Grandma.


KateB said...

am so behind in getting together for Christmas decor...did the Dec daily last year but this year, I ran out of time! Love all your projects!