Monday, December 13, 2010

December Daily-Day 13!

Well, I've got no pic for today. :) I had a few scrappy deadlines, a couple grocery shopping trips to prepare for and make and I had a slow start this morning as I've got some weird bug. I get a sore throat, headache, dry cough in the evenings and mornings and it's been killin' my sleep. So, I slept in quite a bit this morning. Well, as much as I could while keeping one ear out for the kids and having Miss Thing come climb in bed with me every 20 minutes. Man, she's a wiggler!

I was going to do another craft with Little Man after our dinner, but we ran out of time. No worries, I'm just going to use this day in my album to spot light some of the Christmas decorations we have this year. I did this two years ago and love those pages. I did one for our living room and one for Mickey's bedroom.

It works out well to have filler ideas in place for those days when you're just not motivated to take a pic or nothing gets you inspired to take a pic. :)


Veronica Tingvall said...

You are so right. I'm doing the same thing, filler ideas rocks :-D

LollyChops said...

Oh I hope you get to feeling better!

Scrappy hugs!