Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily-Day 14! (warning, yuckiness ahead!)

Whew! Today was a whopper!

It was all pretty much down hill from the moment this morning that Aud unzipped her p.j's and stuck her hand into her diaper and smeared the contents around the house.

This is the second time she's done this. It was better than last time in that she "hit" fewer areas but it was worse in that some of the things she got were our queen sized comforter and her hair.

So, in addition to all the cleaning, I had to get her in the tub and cleaned up so we could take Mickey into preschool. Then, I popped her into her crib and finished cleaning up the house. I got the comforter ready to go to the Laundromat and got the last few Christmas decorations up. Mainly just stuff on the walls. Aud woke up and we went to get Mickey.

Then, I forgot that Andrew had bowling so I figured on washing the comforter when he got home. I had a bunch of other errands to run ($.49 for chocolate chips at Safeway!) so I got all that stuff ready and a bunch of housework done and got the gifts for Mickey's preschool exchange out of the shop instead of packing up the kids and heading out. Big goof!

When Andrew got home, he reminded me of bowling and so I zipped to the 'mat, started the comforter and zipped back home. Andrew left and I ate dinner and then packed up the kids.

Right around the corner from our house, a guy had spun out on the curves and ended up in the ditch on his side. We stopped and I used our laundry basket to prop open the drivers door so he could get out. We waited until the other gal who stopped got off the phone with 911 and since he was okay (and a passing nurse stopped to check him out) we were back on our way.

We got to the 'mat and Mickey loved putting the coins in the dryer. Then we went to Fred's to turn in coins and buy something. Then, to Safeway and then back to check on the dryer. It was still wet so we added more time and recycled cans at Fred's (it took along time because only one machine was working and then it jammed!) then we had to get gas and then we went to Dollar Tree to get supplies to make Mickey's teachers a gift wrap kit.

Then, back to the 'mat. Still wet!!! We added more coins and we ran to the Starbucks next door so Mickey could use their bathroom. They were very cool and let us in even though it was just 9:00 and they were closed. After that, we drove over to the Carl's Jr. to see if their drink carriers were the right kind to make the gift wrap kits with. They weren't. :( And, then went back to check on the comforter. I wasn't sure if it was done but we were so I grabbed it. LOL! It was in there for an hour and 48 minutes and we were running around for about two and a half hours total. It was time to head home. Thank goodness I have such mild tempered kids. Because normal kids after all that running around would have gone ape.

We got home at 9:30 and I got them to bed, an hour and a half after their normal time. We'll see how they do with that.

Anyway, I didn't have my camera for any of that. Totally bummed because the car pic would have been awesome! Especially because the guy was fine. :) So, here's today's pic.

My scrap desk has pretty much exploded. Between DT assignments and Christmas presents, I really need to clean this bad boy.

I think I see a few centimeters of space in there....somewhere! LOL!

ps-Did I mention that Devo pooped in the house right after Andrew left? Cause, he did. I'm kinda sick of poop right now. ;)

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Chris Hertel said...

Oi vay, what a day you had!! My scrap desk pretty much looks the same as yours, plus a ton of glitter that Emma spilled on it!! GRRRR