Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily-Day 16!

Today was a big day, Mickey's preschool class had their Christmas party and Christmas program! Audrey and I went into school with him today to help out. I loved getting to see what Mickey does in school everyday, what his favorite activities are and how well he plays with his classmates. His teacher said that his class was really uncommon because the whole group always winds up in the same room playing together.

His classmates loved Audrey! One girl especially considered Aud her own personal doll. LOL! Sometimes, Miss Thing was cool with that and other times, not so much. (She found this dry erase board and some cool grease crayons (?) and loved it!)

The program was fun and funny. Mickey (who has been singing these songs around the house constantly) refused to sing a word! He shook his jingle bells, did the clapping and the stomping but wouldn't sing. Then, when the teacher suggested they all gather round the big chair (that Santa would later sit in) he yelled, "Okay, let's do that!". I and the rest of the crowd laughed. I guess they noticed he hadn't sung either. :)
Santa did show up and not surprisingly at all, Mickey refused to sit on his lap. He did end up taking a candy cane from him and getting a stuffed bear from his teacher. He also couldn't give Santa an example of what he wanted for Christmas.
Anyway, the day wiped me out (it's hard tracking down 22 four year olds to finish up the craft project that I was in charge of and keep an eye on Miss Thing) so I wound up falling asleep on the bed while I was waiting for all the pics I took to upload. I woke up when I heard Aud throwing a tantrum. Andrew was home and making dinner and Mickey was sitting at the counter, asleep! Apparently, the day wore him out, too! Hee!
Oh, and I finally started addressing my Christmas cards! I've got 40 done and now I need to get a few more addresses and some more stamps. Oh, and probably put my return address on them too. See why addressing these things is my least favorite holiday chore? Hee!

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