Monday, December 20, 2010

December Daily-Day 20! (Whoops!)

Ooops! I forgot to post this one yesterday! I upload my pics on my desktop throughout the day and then write up my post on my laptop at night. I went to a couple stores last night and completely forgot to finish this when I got back. :)

Today (or, yesterday actually) I set up another Christmas craft for the kiddos. We made snowmen out of paper plates.

Here is Little Man attaching his snowman's head to the body with a pipe cleaner. He did a really good job with his!

Here are their completed projects. Miss Thing's is on the left. She did a better job placing her eyes than I did drawing her "x's"! Her coal buttons she thought looked better as a belt. She picked out her pipe cleaner scarf and I put it on for her. Little Man did his all by himself!

They are now hanging in our living room on a bare wall that really needed something. The kids loved these and they were super easy. Little Man even helped me with the set up. He punched out all the black circles and made sure we had the right amount.

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