Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily-Day 21!

Yikes! It's getting so close to Christmas!

Today involved a lot of cleaning up after the dog. Sigh. He's really old and recently had a seizure so it's not a surprise but it is a little frustrating when I'm trying to get stuff done.
Then, Aud got into and ruined the brown sugar (she was chewing on the two bags I bought yesterday and they got wet inside) and so she got a time out in her room. After two minutes, I went to get her and she was sacked out half in and half out of her closet.
So, instead of yucky dog pee/puke pictures or yummy Christmas treats we have Miss Thing sleeping on her stuffed dog. :D

Oh, and I've been working on those darn calendars! I'm hoping to get them to the point of adding pics tonight. We'll see!
~last minute update...the pics are in! I'll be adding the numbers to the dates tomorrow and then, they may just get some embellishing, too!

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