Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Daily-Day 22!

Yep, it's almost 2:30 am on the 23rd but I'm counting it towards the 22nd. :)

I woke up early today to get a head start on finishing up those darn calendars so I could wrap all the presents.

Miss Thing decided that opening a tub of teal glitter paint and pouring about a third of it on our carpet was a good idea and that my time would be better spent scrubbing and blotting said carpet.

Sigh. So much for waking up early. Oh, and no photo of this because I was waaaaaay too mad. I'll probably take a pic of the container tomorrow but today it just wasn't happening. The funny thing is, the last time I did a December Daily, Mickey got into my orange paint and well, you get the picture.

So, here's today's pic. My little wrapping session!

I got everything wrapped and just have a gift card and some cash gifts to take care of. Yay!!!! Go, me!!! (No, seriously. Me, go to bed!) LOL! Night all!

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