Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Daily-Day 25 (Christmas!)

Here's our Christmas Day!
Aud wakes up, I try to get her back to sleep. A few minutes later and she's up for good. We wake up Mickey to open stockings & presents. Santa got both Andrew & I gloves for working in the garden. :)
After presents, we get the kids ready, get ourselves ready, load up presents and make up a fruit tray to take to my mom's.
At mom's we have brunch at 10:00 with my uncle, brother and grandma. Then, more present opening. The kids had a blast!
Back home at about 2:00 and I get the turkey into the oven at about 2:15. We put the kiddos down for a nap and get the house ready. We figured at the most we'd need 29 chairs and so some table moving was necessary.
Just before 4:00, our first guests arrive for Christmas dinner with Andrew's side of the family. We talk, eat, talk, open presents, talk, eat some more, talk and play dominos until after 10:00! Great times and only one little snafu. Little Man and Miss Thing were excluded from the present exchange due to their young ages and so they didn't have any presents to open. Miss Thing was cool with it, aka, she didn't have a clue but Little Man was in tears. Andrew consoled him and I offered to give him back his Lincoln Logs that he'd gotten taken away recently for refusing to clean his room. That's all it took to get him back in happy mode. That, and playing with his beloved cousins. :)

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