Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Daily-Day 26

Since Andrew has the rest of the year off, we pretty much just hung out the first half of the day. At about 2:00, Andrew met up with his friend who now lives in Dubai.

The kids and I headed out to my friends house at 4:00 and hung out there for a couple hours. I totally forgot to take pictures because Miss Thing turned into Miss Cling! Seriously, she normally clings at first and then warms up enough to play with the other kids. Not today.

After that, we zipped into Goodwill and I let Mickey pick out a toy to make up for yesterday. He picked a yellow monster truck. I got a couple books and a cool teal shelf for my scrap room. I'll get pics of both tomorrow.

Tomorrow will probably consist of putting our house back together from Christmas dinner. :)

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