Friday, December 31, 2010

December Daily-Day 30!

This morning, I went over to my friend's to see her new house. The plan was to bring the kids and we'd go for a walk but Mickey was a bit warm, Aud was nutso and it was below freezing! So, I went by myself and visited for a few hours. Her new house is great and I can't wait to go back with the kids. (Maybe I'll remember to take pics next time!)

After dinner, we took down Christmas! We did get one more pic of the kids in front of the tree first, though. :)
Here are the filled boxes waiting to head out to the garage. Putting Christmas decorations back in their bins is like 3-D Tetris! LOL!

And, the last two boxes in the living room. It looks so naked in there now! I did put the pictures of the kids back up on the mantle but it still feels so empty after all the Christmas stuff is gone.

See you guys tomorrow with my last post for my December Daily (can't believe I kept up!) and if we have time today I may get a Top 10 pic/layouts post up!

Happy New Year!!!

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