Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily-Day 7

Today started early! Miss Thing woke up at 3:00am and Andrew soothed her back to sleep, then she woke at 4:00 and it was my turn. Then, Andrew's alarm went off at 5:00 so he could get ready to go to Vegas and he woke me up to say goodbye when he left at 6:00. Miss Thing woke again at 7:00 so I got her and Mickey breakfast and then tried to get a little more sleep. No deal as Miss Thing climbed into her high chair on her own and then started screaming bloody murder when she couldn't get out on her own.

To say I was a smidge fuzzy all day would be very accurate! LOL! I can't even remember what I did before Mickey went to preschool! We got home and I put Aud down and then I got our stuff ready for errand running and I put the second tree up! All by myself!!! Go me! :D

Then, I woke up Miss Thing (she was super tired because this is only the second time she's slept all the way through Little Man's preschool) and we went and picked up Mickey.

Then another round of errands. Is it just me or are there way more errands to be done in December than any other month? We hit Fred's for colored lights, cat food and graham crackers. We go through so many graham crackers in this house, it's nutso!!! Then, we drove into Target to get some random freebies with coupons and my Uncle Doug's present and I found some more colored lights for the tree. On our way home we hit Safeway to buy croutons so we could have chicken Caesar salad for dinner. Yum!!!!

After dinner I put the multi-colored lights on the tree. I used all the ones we got at Target and half the ones from Fred's. I love lots of lights on trees, don't you???

(You can see I used the one strand I already had on the bottom, they're a little brighter!)

Since I'm such a glutton for punishment (and I really don't want to leave the house tomorrow) I decided that we should go return the lights we didn't use to Fred's. I also wrangled up some coupons for cheapo frozen veggies at Safeway and the gift card to get one more item for a Christmas gift. We stopped by Granny's on the way and worked on her puzzle. If I wasn't so fuzzy, I would have taken a pic of her! She is so enamored with my kids and the feeling is mutual! Audrey pretty much screams her name when she sees her and then wants Granny to pick her up. So, my 92 year old grandmother picks up my 24 lb kid even though its waaaaay too much for her. So sweet!

So, after Granny's, it went Safeway, Fred's, Starbucks in Fred's, Starbucks across the parking lot from Fred's and then home. It was well after bedtime but the kids NEEDED a bath and I want to try to get pics of them tomorrow so we started a tub. I got them in and then realized that Aud had gone a little in her diaper and I didn't notice. Yech!!! Hauled them out, drained tub, cleaned tub, filled tub, cleaned kids, brushed kids teeth, cut kids nails (not sure why that was so necessary, I told you I was tired!), read kids a story and tucked them in bed.

Phew!!!! Now I'm watching Harry Potter and dinking around the internet. :)

Wish me luck taking pics tomorrow! I'd love to get my cards out early this year. Have you gotten your cards done/sent out yet?

I'm hoping to have more scrappiness this week as Andrew's gone until Saturday and my evenings should be craftabulous!!! :D

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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