Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Daily-Days 18 & 19!

I pretty much knew a while ago that I wouldn't be blogging yesterday. It was Andrew's company party. They rented out the bowling alley in his hometown, so I figured it was a given that we'd go out afterward. And, we did! :D

Anyway, Saturday morning, Little Man had his doctor's appointment. The poor little guy has a double ear infection! :( He was really good at the doctor's so to make up for us not even realizing how sick he was, we got a donut at Fred Meyer while we waited for his prescription. I got a great pic with my phone but the darn thing won't send it to my e-mail. ARGH!

That evening, we went to Andrew's company party. These are my styling bowling shoes! Pretty rockin', huh? LOL!
Here I am rockin' the bowling shoes and feeling rather like Bozo the Clown with my skinny jeans and big feet! Hee!

Afterwards we went to Mac's Place and hung out for hours! It was so much fun. Andrew and I never get out anymore together, without the kids.

He works with a bunch of cool people, including my step-brother. It was so much fun! I even had a couple of drinks, one at the alley and a Guinness at Mac's. Oh, my sweet Guinness, how I've missed you! Hee!
Today was pretty much a nap day. Aud had her normal nap and I took one while she was sleeping. I woke when she did and we went out to the living room to see Andrew & Mickey asleep! I was going to get a shot of that but when I put Miss Thing down, she hollered and woke the boys up.
So, instead I'm sharing with you another shot of my scrap room. I've been working on the calendars for the folks this evening and late into the night. It's still a hot mess but at least I have a little bit of work space showing. ;)

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a ton done but we'll see what the kids think about that. I really need to get my meal plans ready for this weekend. We're hosting my dad and brother for Christmas Eve, then we're headed to my mom's for a Christmas brunch and then we're hosting Christmas dinner for Andrew's side.
Anyone got any good ideas for a make ahead brunch dish? :)

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