Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Resolutions for 2011

Well, here they are, my 11 resolutions for 2011!

1-Lose the baby weight before the "baby" turns two! To accomplish this, I'm going to be more careful about what/how much I eat and ...
2-Try to take up running. :)
3-Learn to knit. Granny bought me a book and some needles so now all I need is to get her over here about once a week like we used to do.
4-Submit more frequently and more items. I'd love to get a layout pubbed!

I've also got things that I'd need to get done this year but they are more along the lines of an ongoing to-do list and not so much resolutions. ;)

5-Hem drapes in master bedroom
6-Make a valance for the kitchen window. I've got a machine and the fabric, I just need to get off my tuckus!
7-Reorganize the craft/gift wrap section of my scrap room and do a big purge of the scrap room.
8-Clean/organize garage and shop
9-List all that schtuff that I have stored on Craig's List

This is my list of things I'd like to do but may or may not get priority this year.

10-Buy a Canon 50D, get a business license and start portfolio building
11-Refinish church pew in garage, cause if I finish it, I can buy more pieces and start them! LOL!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my slightly un-orthodox list of resolutions. What are your resolutions?

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joscelyne cutchens said...

what a great list of resolutions. Ya know last Christmas when we were in Alabama I saw this church pew that I really wanted to buy... and put it in our house that we'll be retiring to, but didn't. I'm dreaming of a 5D... and I can't wait to see you pubbed. PS. I haven't submitted in a long time, I should get back in that game too.
Happy New Year xox