Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Daily-Day 31!!!

I made it!!! Whoo-hooo!!!! All 31 days of December blogged! Now, I just have to finish my album. Hee!

All right, New Year's Eve. Mickey and I went to Fred's to get provisions for the evening, and after dropping them off at home for Andrew to deal with, we zipped to Target to return sweaters and Costco to buy ink for my printer. I also picked up some workout gear at Fred's and Costco. Hello, January! LOL!

Something I want to remember: Audrey had climbed into Devo's crate and was reading The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room to him. I sprinted to my camera but she climbed out before I could get a shot.

Back to your regularly scheduled December Daily already in progress... ;)

We spent New Year's Eve at our friend's house in Scotts Mills, a yearly tradition, and it was kind of a surprise this year as there were about twice as many people. The cool part about that it kept the husbands of our usual crew from being too nuts.

We did still have our annual firing up of the Christmas trees. The guys wired fireworks to them and set them ablaze with blowtorches. Hee!

Love this shot!

After the trees were done, I took Miss Thing inside and then the big fireworks got set off. They were super loud! I'm not sure how we get away with this every year as the fire department is literally two blocks away. Gotta love small towns!

With all the booms and bangs done with, we all headed back in to warm up.

Miss Thing spent a lot of her time camped out by the food in the kids play room upstairs.

And Mickey discovered the joys of air hockey while the guys hid out from the womenfolk in the garage. (Man time!)

He was actually pretty good!

We all made it to midnight and kissed in the New Year. But by about 12:15, Mickey was out and shortly after, Miss Thing followed suit.

I hope your New Years was as fun as ours and thanks for sticking with me through all of December! :)

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