Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Organized in the Kitchen!

So, I read this blog called Domestically Speaking and she's taking advantage of that clean freak phase that we all seem to go through after the holidays. Her weekly challenge is posted every Monday and on Friday, she posts a Mr. Linky so we can all check out each other's projects.

Her first week was organizing a storage area. I haven't done mine yet but she's giving us till the end of the month so I should be able to sneak this in. I'm pretty sure that the hall closet will get tackled with this challenge. It's kind of pathetic right now. :)
This weeks challenge is a kitchen area. I chose a cupboard above my pantry. I keep all my big pots and pans, my cutting boards and my oven dishes up there. When we moved in, I just popped in a couple wire shelves and stuck everything that fit in that category up there. It worked for a while but then I got a few new things and all of a sudden, it turned into this!

Super annoying, especially when it's time to dig (and I do mean dig) something out of there.

Last night, I got the bug and did something about it! I took everything out of the cupboard and then switched the position of the shelves. The long skinny one went to the back and the fatter one went to the side. The cutting boards were doing just fine where they were so they stayed. I grouped like stuff together and then found it all a home and here's the result!

Now, it all didn't make it back in here. Part of organizing is purging and I got rid of three dishes that I hadn't used since we moved here. Two other items got delegated to the dining room china closet. One was a folding roasting rack that will probably end up in the garage with my big roasting pan and the other was a pie plate that needs to stay in the dining room closet with all the baking stuff.

This was one of those easy fixes that literally took about five minutes because I had everything I needed I just needed to sort and purge. Now, I love how this looks and more importantly, I love how easy it is to get those items down when the madness called dinner time hits. :)


The Cannary's, est. 1984 said...

Oh, I so especially love the "purge" part - sometimes less is more!!

Mom2One said...

I have the same issue with the same lil' white shelves. I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "now why didn't I think of that?". I'm flipping the shelve to the side today and will fix my pots-n-pans issue ONCE and for ALL! Thanks for sharing. The little things have big results sometimes!

Nancy said...

Good job!